Parents of participants need to complete and return the required Consent & Release Agreement form below. Please fill out and email the forms back to The forms must be received before the first day in order for your children to participate: follow this link to the Consent & Release Agreement

General Info: Participants and parents will be responsible for arranging their own transportation and accommodations. Up to two parents/family members may attend the presentation portions, and if the golf course permits, you may follow along in the golf portion on Day 2. Covered meals are listed in the clinic schedule. Please note that parent meals are not covered but parents can pre-pay in advance if you wish to dine with the group. Pleas note that meals cannot be purchased on the day of as quantities will be exact.

Close of Registration: The two-day clinic is limited to the first 28 male and female junior golfers. Registration closes once the clinic reaches capacity. 

Cancellations: Full payment is due at the time participants register. We are unable to provide refunds unless unforeseen circumstances cause the clinic to be cancelled. 

Inclement Weather: We will have contingency plans in place to adjust to the daily forecast/climate should weather be a factor in the golf portion.